May 26, 2013

Pansies! (and Free Ephemera!)

I love pansies! I love that they self seed all over my garden and every spring I enjoy finding where they were able to hold their ground.

 by the side of the house
 in the patio
 in the lawn
in sidewalk cracks

The ones in the sidewalk I just leave because they're too hard to transplant. The ones that come up in the lawn I transplant into my gardens but sometimes it becomes too fiddly and I just leave them. Yes, I continue to cut the lawn and lopping off their flowered heads and they continue to grow and flower. They also show up in the containers I use to grow vegetables. These I definitely plant in my gardens in different "pansy free" areas to encourage more self seeding for the next year.

In honor of my pansy friends, here are some free ephemera images for you to use. Have fun!

 I "erased" the words for more uses
 I have been known to look like all three faces in the course of a day
not a pansy but the back of the above image and has a lot of potential

(If anyone does happen to use any of these images, I'd love to see what you've done with them.)

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