May 5, 2013

Maker Faire Intention Flags through the seasons

I have been remiss about posting pictures of the Maker Faire Intention Flags. (Story behind them here and here.) However, I have been documenting their weathering the seasons. When strong winds blew them off the shepherd's hook plant holders they are attached to, I "repaired" it with clothes pins. I did the same thing when one of the "lines" the flags are attached to tore apart. The structure has held up remarkably well.

This project inadvertently became a real world product testing of Brilliance pigment ink pad by Tsukineko, Inc. and Sharpie pens. The Brilliance ink is holding up the best while most of the Sharpie pen ink has faded. I personally love this fact as I see the fading ink as the intentions being dispersed into the world. There's something very satisfying with that happening. (Yes, it's that metaphysical artistic view that I indulge myself with every now and again.)

Without further ado, here are the flags in all their seasonal glory:

(before garden cleanup)

(after garden cleanup but before raking leaves)



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