September 6, 2014

Resources for Paper Circuits and Soft Circuits

These are websites that I have found invaluable in my foray into paper and soft circuits. I will be adding and editing as new resources are found. Please note, these are sites I am aware of and have used, not an all encompassing review. If you have or know of any sites I can add, please send me an email!

Resources for learning simple circuit electronics

For more in-depth lessons in learning electronics

  • Lessons in Electric Circuits    While I haven't read every volume in the series, I can vouch that Volume I is written so that even I, whose brain does not grasp these concepts easily, can understand the ideas and theories (albeit needing to read a couple .... OK, fine, a few, times over). The volumes are available to download in PDF.
  • All About Circuits     This site has the above mentioned Lessons in Electric Circuits as well as Forums, Videos and Worksheets. 
  • Make: Electronics    From the good folks that started Maker Faire et. al., this book is another valuable source for learning electronics presented in an easy-to-understand manner.

Sigh. I do feel like this many times when reading about electronics.

Resources for Paper Circuits

  • Jie Qi      The Divine Miss Jie, the paper circuit developer and virtuoso. This link takes you to her Featured project page but make sure you click on the various years.
  • Jie Qi's Electronic Pop-up Book     Because this was my introduction to paper circuits and it's so remarkable it needs it's own special link.
  • Chibitronics    The source for all that is Circuit Stickers. Check out the Community and Learn links for projects and tutorials.
  • High-Low Tech     Founded and directed by Leah Buechley,developer of Lilypad Arduino, at MIT. Click around the links, especially the Tutorials and Materials for both paper and soft circuit inspiration.
  • Plusea     AKA Hannah Perner-Wilson. While her main focus is soft circuits, she has both paper and soft circuit projects. You can also use the soft circuit ideas to see how you could incorporate it into paper circuits. This is a juicy site that will take you more than one visit to peruse all the wonderful that it contains.
  • Exploratorium     (We need one of these in Detroit. Just want to put that out into the universe.) The link above takes you directly to their paper circuit page. However, make sure you visit their main Projects page for other engaging projects. Also, go to their Tinkerers page and be inspired by all the wonderful people (a link to each individual's web page is found when you click on their name/face).
  • Circuit Sticker School Binder
  • Paper Battery Holder Template    Direct link to Jie Qi's fabulous coin cell battery holder you can make with paper.

Resources for Soft Circuits

Resources for Materials

  • Circuit Stickers via Crowd Supply
  • Maker Shed has Circuit Stickers and items for  SoftCircuits/Wearables
  • Sparkfun    Click "E-Textiles" for conductive thread, LilyPad Arduino components and items relating directly to soft circuits. Click "Components" to find the bulb LED selection. But that doesn't mean you have to stop there!
  • Adafruit     Scroll down for all categories of electronic goodies. They carry Circuit Stickers.
  • Plug and Wear    One stop shop for e-textile/ soft circuit projects: conductive fabric and tapes, components, sensors and lots more! They even have a textile perfboard! Wait, what? Really. (Thanks, Riccardo!)
  • Delphi Glass    While I encourage you to shop a local stained glass store for your copper tape, if there isn't one available, I highly recommend this Michigan store. If you happen to live in Lansing, go visit their brick and mortar store.    
  • Plusea's Etsy shop     Textile sensor kits and copper thread that's solderable!
  • LessEMF    Conductive fabrics, thread, yarn, fabric tape and hook and loop fastener tape.
  • Aniomagic    Kits with lights that sparkle ("Sparkle") and that you can easily add sensors and program ("Chicklet").  You can also get Sparkle, Chicklet and extra lights at Sparkfun. Sparkfun also has a nice video tutorial on their product page.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


  1. is a shop entirely dedicated to E-Textiles

    1. Thanks, Riccardo! It is a wonderful site and valuable resource. I've added it to the Materials section as well as the Soft Circuits section because the tutorials are also great!

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