September 18, 2014

One Stamp Art Exchange: August

My stuff to Gail

Gail's art front

Gail's art inside

Another shot of the inside with two of the flaps lifted

Gail's art back

Gail's stuff to me minus the angel picture (from a cemetery maybe?) because I forgot to take a picture before working on the ill-fated project.

My art front

My art back

Now, I know included in my own rules was to make no judgements, however......this was a mediocre project that I made worse in the process of trying to make it better. I had thought of doing a wash, maybe adding more distress and/or doing more stamping. I even thought of cutting it up into pieces and randomly gluing them onto another substrate or just painting the whole thing black. But even the destructive options seemed like too much work. So I put a cat on it and called it a (misbegotten) day. 

So you aren't left with the mess above, Gail sent an extra piece which was not part of the Exchange but it still used some of the items I sent.

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