August 16, 2014

One Stamp Art Exchange: July of a crazy month. I forgot to photograph the stuff that Gail sent me and I had already tossed the scraps so I couldn't even photograph that and the stuff I didn't use got mixed up with other stuff. Whoops. I will say I don't know if she planned it, but the stuff was very cohesive and I knew straight away what the concept was going to be.

The items in the package that I used were:
  • 2 bookmarks from a dinosaur exhibit with a picture of half a dinosaur on each side that match up almost perfectly to make a whole dinosaur (the "hat") hides the only place where it was a little off
  • little squares and triangles of decorative paper
  • promotional post card of a child's art center
  • "Mouthfeel" sticker
  • pharmaceutical ad, maybe for migraines, can't remember

My art front

My art back

Gail wasn't able to send her July project. When I get it, I will do an edit and post it. In the meantime, here's a picture of the stuff I sent to Gail.

Stuff I sent Gail

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