October 30, 2014

Last Minute Paper Circuit Halloween Decoration

I know this is cutting it close for posting about Halloween decorations but it's quick and easy and cheap.

The items used for this decoration comes from two places that are dear to me: Circuit Stickers and the dollar store, specifically, Dollar Tree.

demonic rat stickers from Dollar Tree

The cool thing about Circuit Stickers and paper circuits is that you can easily use just one LED in random places. This particular random place is behind the eye of the demonic rat sticker.

The rat part of the stickers are "sculpted" in a 3-D fashion and the back is a flat piece of adhesive. I used plain copy paper to act as a barrier between the circuit and the adhesive, as well as adhere the circuit to the rat sticker. I didn't glue it all the way around so I could have access to the battery. I used Jie Qi's nifty paper battery holder.

I initially cut both pieces a little longer and then shaped it so the paper(s) wouldn't show. I did this while the rat sticker was still on its packaging. I just held the paper behind it and put my finger where it needed to be trimmed. It doesn't need to be pretty, just not seen from the front. (I don't know why Blogger isn't letting me format this the way I want so I have to go with flush right. Sigh.)

This is showing the access to the battery. This way you can make them in advance (yes, I know, I see the irony of that statement) and not waste battery power.

As I noted in the above picture, I needed to cut the adhesive backing to accommodate the battery. Because the rat is sculpted, the battery then nests in between the rat/front and the adhesive/back. And, in hindsight, I would have made the piece a little more narrow to keep as much adhesive area available as possible.

I apologize for not having a better "in situ" picture. Also for not knowing how to take a good picture to showcase an LED.

Another picture of the red eyed rat at the beginning of the post.

I hope this inspires you to make your own last minute Halloween decorations that has the added impact of LEDs!

If you're not familiar with paper circuits or Circuit Stickers, have a look at Chibitronics' website and then get their Starter Kit. You will not be sorry.

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