May 16, 2014

Paper Circuit Project: Flower Frame

So, yes, this was supposed to be a Mother's Day project but things didn't work out as planned, so let's call it a Mother's Day inspired project. All better.

There is a magnet on the butterfly so that when it comes in contact with the circuit, it completes the circuit and the lights come on. I did it this way so the lights did not have to be on all the time. 

top of butterfly

back of butterfly with butt ugly magnet

I had originally thought of doing a beaded butterfly but I didn't have a strong enough magnet in my stash, so origami butterfly it was! The folding pattern I followed can be found on this website. My only adaptation was not to do the last fold (step 9 on the website) but instead did two folds to create a channel of sorts for the paper bead. This website has a nice tutorial on how to make these type of beads although I just sort of winged it in terms of size and angle. And by winging it, I mean cutting several strips in different sizes and lengths until I got the finished size I wanted.

circuit path (open)

circuit path (closed with magnet)

notes for circuit path

The link for the battery holder by Jie Qi noted above can be found at this website.

top of flower frame

back of flower frame

I would like to write up a tutorial as soon as I figure out a cohesive, repeatable process. The initial trail and error process is fraught with concepts that don't come out quite as one expects as well as just trying out different sizes, options, etc. to see what works.

The aftermath is not pretty:

Portrait of the project and (some of) the detritus of its process

However, now that I've done it, I just need to organize it into a methodical process in order to share.

If you would like to see some other paper circuit projects I have done, please see my Paper and Soft Circuits page. I also urge you to visit the website of Jie Qi, who pioneered this process and has many inspiring projects.

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