March 4, 2014

Prank or Art Installation?

Now, I want it to be clear I don't live in a big city or hipster area or even in a college town. I live in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. While it is a perfectly nice city to live in, it's by no means a hot spot of cutting edge creativity and artistic expression.

So, imagine my delight when reaching for a jar of bread and butter pickles, I saw this:

Yes! Googly eyes!!

At first I thought it was printed on the label and was amused at that. When I realized they were actual googly eyes and only on that one jar (I still thought it was some sort of marketing thing), I was thrilled and gratified because 1) Someone in my community thought this would be fun to do and 2) I was the person to receive this gift!

(an artsy shot)

Now, I don't know whoever did it thought it was a prank and would annoy someone or did it in a gesture of gifting a whimsical expression. Although I'll never know, I choose to see it as the latter and wish somehow I could let him or her know that the gesture was greatly appreciated.
A somewhat tangential but interesting side note: via, the origin of the word "happy" has its roots in "lucky" from "hap" (chance, fortune). A great majority of European words for happy at first meant lucky. 
Thank you anonymous googly eye artist! Your gift  is appreciated every time I eat my pickles! (And I just may transfer all subsequent purchases into this jar.) 

(another artsy shot)

A call to art: Buy self-adhesive googly eyes and place them on random labels, tags, signs (don't be too disrespectful) and know that some people may be annoyed and angered and the rest will have a bit of unexpected whimsy and pleasure injected into their day. Either way, if (one of) the purpose(s) of art is to elicit an emotion, you've done your job.

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