October 19, 2014

Free Vintage Ephemera for Halloween: Spooky Ancestors

I scanned some vintage photos I have in my collection. I chose ones that had wear to them because I thought that would add to the eerie quality for Halloween crafts. I did a little bit of "clean up" to the faces and some of the backgrounds. OK, not a whole lot to the backgrounds. There's quite a bit of wear/damage on the baby photo but I kind of like it for Halloween. (Also, you can cut out the person and incorporate it that way into your art.)

A fun thing you can do is play around with them at PicMonkey. This is an online free photo editing program. (They also have a pay version that gives you added features and no ads.) You can use it to enhance your photos with exposure and color controls, for example. They also have overlays you can add to your photos such as text, hearts, stars, labels, and banners to name just a few.  And if that wasn't enough, they have really fun holiday overlays. I took the above photos and played with them a bit at PicMonkey. The following are the results.

Even though most of them used the Halloweenish options (Vampires, Witches, Demons, etc.), I also dipped into the Valentine and regular overlays as well. Be sure to use the erase feature if you only want to use part of the design (e.g., the bones in the babies hands are actually part of a skull and crossbones motif).

Go play and have fun!!!

In case you don't know how to get these images onto your computer: 
Windows OS users: left click on the image and choose "Save image as ...", change the file name to something that makes sense to you and then save it your chosen file saving place.
Apple OS users: hold the Control key while clicking on the image and choose "Save image as ...", change file name and save to chosen file. (I believe you can also just drag the image to where you want it to go but my Mac died a couple years ago and I can't be sure.)

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